Antico Moderno

Turning Point

Price: R135.00 *
*Please note the delivery surcharge on plants at our rose centres.
Ludwig’s Egoli + R3.00
Ludwig’s Star Roses + R4.00
Ludwig’s Winelands & Cape Town + R4.50

The shape and arrangement of the petals remind of the layers of tulle turning and waving as the ballerina’s tutu swirls during her routine of pirouettes, pique turns and leaps. When it comes to performance, this rose exerts the same amount of agile, powerful but controlled energy! A member of our STAMINA group because of a growth habit that is as wide as it is tall. The leaves cover the stems from top to bottom, shading the roots and enabling them to stretch wide and deep. The blooms are large, quartered and full. They are moderately fragrant but thick petalled affording them a long vase life. The colour is deep pink ruffled with shades of purple. In terms of delivering on flower power, health and vigour, this rose may just represent a turning point…