Hybrid Tea

Savage Jooste Centenary

Price: R135.00 *
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Savage, Jooste & Adams comissioned the naming of a rose to celebrate their centenary in 2019.

In each perfectly shaped bloom, the striking colour juxtaposition of youthful red emerging from mature white so befittingly symbolises the core values of this esteemed legal firm.

The timeless, crisp diamond-white, predominantly at the base of each petal, represents a solution-driven ethic and tradition, and the proven integrity of a 100 year old law firm. To counterbalance the mature and steadfast tradition, vibrant, youthful red emerges in the occasionally diamond-tipped petals, representing a passionate and enduring commitment to law and justice.

Glossy, healthy leaves clothe the bush that grows neatly upright. Three to four blooms to a stem are produced in great abundance from the base upwards. A rose that will most certainly do well in any position in your garden.