Celebrating the arrival of my fi rst granddaughter: Lumina Visser. I have chosen this spectacular, white, luminescent rose to bloom brightly for her lifetime ahead and in the gardens of those who cherish her. Susina

Even the way the sepals unwrap and stand proud when they reveal the tight cream, yellow-green, onion dome shaped bud, is elegant. Once the bud unfolds, it is almost as if it expands in size and the sheer fullness of the deep cup shaped bloom begins to be revealed. The frilled outer petals retain their green tinge, whereas the inner petals are of an unblemished white with a touch of ivory fl owing towards the centre. The blooms are long lasting and excellent as cut fl owers for the vase even if they appear in candelabras. Truly a bloom that is absolutely harmonised in colour, shape, petal count and appearance. It comes very close to perfection.They appear singly and in candelabras.