Hybrid Tea

Lee Lee Bee

LUDwhifine (P)
Price: R135.00 *
*Please note the delivery surcharge on plants at our rose centres.
Ludwig’s Egoli + R3.00
Ludwig’s Star Roses + R4.00
Ludwig’s Winelands & Cape Town + R4.50

A living tribute and lasting legacy to Lee Odendaal; a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She will always be remembered for her enduring strength, bright smile and pure loving heart.

White roses in themselves are special, and this one even more so! The shoots on this rose stretch to form long, strong stems; and the buds are long and elegant. As the sepals unfold they reveal a creamy green colouring.

When the large petals start to open the serene white with an ever so slight overtone of vanilla is revealed. They are densely arranged and the centre remains full. The open bloom matures into layer upon layer of perfect star-shaped petals.
Breathtakingly beautiful!