Forever Delight

POTendless (P)

This rose will become a champion! As the name implies, the chest high bush forever supplies bud and bloom after bloom. A Floribunda version of the world famous and firm favourite Hybrid Tea, ‘Double Delight’. Dr. John Pottschmidt from Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA bred this wonderful new rose. Cream is the base colour that flows from the centre
and delightfully fades to white. Each petal edge is brushed with varying scarlet margins that intensify as the bloom unfolds. This unique colour combination and its repeat, wide cluster flowering ability are what give this rose its very special charm. The leaves are tough and disease resistant. An entrant that is received into our Eco-Chic club of healthy and vigorous roses with open arms. Plant this rose en mass on its own in a bed for a striking statement, grow it in a pot or mix and match it with others, whatever you do, don’t miss out on growing this absolute winner.