Climber, Rambler, Shrub and Pillar

Count Dracula

Price: R135.00 *
*Please note the delivery surcharge on plants at our rose centres.
Ludwig’s Egoli + R3.00
Ludwig’s Star Roses + R4.00
Ludwig’s Winelands & Cape Town + R4.50

There are few truly good, red, climbing roses – Count Dracula will fill this gap.

It keeps on flowering from a very early stage with nicely shaped, full blooms that don’t fade with age.

As is expected of a good climbing rose, once it has reached the desired height of the support, wall, fence, pergola, pillar or arch, the new flowering-growth arches and does not keep on growing stiffly upright as is often the case with a climber. It produces glossy, green leaves from top to bottom throughout the season.

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