Hybrid Tea


Price: R135.00 *
*Please note the delivery surcharge on plants at our rose centres.
Ludwig’s Egoli + R3.00
Ludwig’s Star Roses + R4.00
Ludwig’s Winelands & Cape Town + R4.50

‘Arlene’ is a full-petalled yellow Hybrid Tea that flowers prolifically and grows to head height as a neat, upright, dense bush.

The medium sized blooms have a pointed urn shape, and the bush produces one bud at the end of each long stem, so one doesn’t have the bother of disbudding. Cutting just a few blooms every few days will not diminish the show of flowers that ‘Arlene’ is capable of providing.

The deep green, healthy foliage is an added attraction.

A story lies behind the name.Over the years I have been asked by a member of the Western Cape Rose Society to name a rose ‘Arlene’. Because I like the name and also admired the yellow ‘Arlene Francis’ (released in 1957) I agreed. When I noted the continuous outstanding performance of our yellow ‘LUDtwosuns’, I decided that this is it.

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