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Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea

Cora Marie


The ordinary gardener’s ambition to grow long-stemmed cut-roses will be fulfilled by this rose when planted in a garden.

Each pointed, red bud is borne on an extremely long, slender stem and holds for a long time as a cut-flower or when left on the bush. The petals are of such firm substance that the bloom in its half-open stage remains crisp for well over a week.

The clear red colour lasts even in the hottest sun without losing any of its velvetness and crimson glow.

The plant is very vigorous and tall-growing and the fresh, green foliage remains free of disease. The enormous basal-shoots are best staked in early spring to prevent them from snapping in storms and strong winds.

This rose is sold by florists under its international name ‘Dallas’.

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Plant Height: Above Head Height
Colours: Red , Velvet red
Uses: Cut-flowers

Hybrid Tea

Selecting a rose for boys to identify with it needs to have a strong colour, be rugged and easy to grow. A crossing of two of Ludwig’s personal favourites, the long-stemmed cut rose, ‘Garden Pavilion’ and ‘Playboy’ a tough floribunda.

It is tall growing, pretty thorny, but always producing lovely scented blooms of a glowing orange vermilion that takes on a brown hue when the flowers have opened.

This rose was named for the centenary celebrations of the Cordwalles Boys’School in Pietermaritzburg.

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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Brown , Vermillion , Copper
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers

Hybrid Tea

Coreen Krige


Coreen Krige tends thousands of rose bushes on their family estate in Jonkershoek, Western Cape.

The ‘Coreen Krige’ rose grows into a neat, stately, bush that produces pickable blooms on straight sturdy stems.

They are modern & an unusual brownish, copper & orange blend.

The foliage is glossy & extremely healthy.

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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Bronze , Brown , Orange , Multi coloured
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers

Hybrid Tea

Since its introduction in 1935, the velvet-crimson, aristocratically shaped blooms were regarded as unsurpassable. However, the necks (peduncles) are not sufficiently firm to carry its shapely blooms upright & they droop even before they open.

Infinitely fragrant, she is most popular for pot-pourri & the production of rose jam.

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Plant Height: Knee Height
Colours: Crimson , Velvet red
Uses: Bedding

Hybrid Tea


POTfire (P)

Curro Hazeldean celebrates a rosy decade

November 2017: Curro Hazeldean celebrated its milestone tenth anniversary with the launch of a special signature rose, reflecting the values that distinguish the school as an extraordinary place of learning.

Dr Hennie Rheeders, Curro Hazeldean’s former respected executive head and now phase head of Curro Curriculum Management and Delivery (CCMD), explains that the school wanted to do something out of the ordinary to mark its first decade of success. “We needed something extra special and unique to reflect our extra special nature,” he comments.

After extensive brainstorming, the school’s team came up with the idea of cultivating the Curro Rose. “The idea resonated with us because roses are associated with the superior. Their beauty makes them outshine all other flowers, while offering the promise of hope and growth.”

The Hazeldean team consulted rose expert Ludwig Taschner of Ludwig’s Roses, who advised on a vermilion (brilliant red colour) rose as an emblem of the school’s commitment, determination and success. “Red makes a statement – just as Curro has done since its establishment 20 years ago. Red is a warm colour that speaks of passion.” In the same way, Curro learners have an immediate impression of warmth as soon as they enter their school, and their lives are touched indelibly by their teachers’ passion for shaping young lives. “Red is also associated with speed and power – think of a red sports car, for example. We like to think that Curro shares the same attributes,” Rheeders comments.

Taschner of Ludwig’s Roses notes that the Curro Rose adopted by Curro Hazeldean was developed by an amateur rose breeder from the United States, and has been growing at Ludwig’s Roses for five years. “It shares many common traits with Curro, including the values the school strives to instil in learners: “it is neat, resilient, adaptable, and achieves excellent results through a process of nurture and discipline,” he adds.

The rose was unveiled by the CEO of Ludwig’s Roses, Halmar Taschner at a dinner hosted at Curro Hazeldean held on 3 November to salute the school’s tenth anniversary. Curro Holdings’ Regional Head, Anthony Edwards was in attendance while popular musician Matthew Mole got feet tapping.

Alongside marking Curro Hazeldean’s tenth anniversary, the signature flower forms part of an overarching milestone too, as the Curro group is set to celebrate their twentieth anniversary next year. “The fact that we’ve been making quality independent education accessible to South African children for 20 years next year, is a truly momentous landmark,” Rheeders comments. “Roses are the ultimate anniversary gift – which is why we believe developing a Curro hybrid is one of the very best ways to celebrate this significant occasion,” he concludes.

About Curro

Curro Holdings is a JSE-listed independent-school operator aiming to make independent-school education accessible to more learners throughout South Africa.  Through its values, Curro creates a balanced educational arena in which many extramural activities such as sport and culture can be enjoyed by learners while not losing sight of the core essence of a typical school, namely successful learning. Local independent schools within the Curro group include Curro, Curro Academy, Meridian, Select schools and Curro Castles. In 2015, Curro expanded its footprint beyond South Africa’s borders by acquiring a 1 500-learner campus in Namibia. For more information visit www.curro.co.za

Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Vermillion
Uses: Cut-flowers, Exhibition, New

Hybrid Tea

Since its introduction in 1925, these charming clusters of single blooms have inspired many a painter.

Pointed buds open into single, five petalled, curly blooms. A strong pink on the reverse of the petals is set off by the delicate soft pink on the inside as well as by the purple stamens & stigmas in the centre.

Vigorous, upright, healthy & prolific growth.
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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Pink , Soft pink
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers

Hybrid Tea

de Villiers Rose

LUDeliliz (P)

This upright growing hybrid tea is forever smothered with smallish, very firm petalled copper yellow, fragrant  blooms.

Named in appreciation of the dedication by Chris and Helene de Villiers for promoting rose growing and looking after the Durbanville Rose Garden  for over a decade.

This novel variety will be happy amongst other roses and put up a super show when planted in groups or containers.

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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Yellow , Copper
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers

Hybrid Tea

Tight, pointed buds of light cream-yellow develop & open slowly to reveal its classic beauty with a high pointed centre
& perfect symmetry.

The delicacy is in the soft colour blend of cream & white.

The vigorous bush spreads out & produces flush after flush of immaculate cut flowers.

Competition judges can’t take their eyes off this specimen.

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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Cream , White
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers, Exhibition

Hybrid Tea



Medium sized, lilac, star shaped blooms are borne in profusion on medium to long stems.

A great florist rose & a healthy plant.
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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Lilac
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers

Hybrid Tea

Soft, buff-yellow with touches of pink.

One of the old favourites with all favourable characteristics of a modern rose.

Plant Height: Hip Height
Colours: Apricot , Cream , Yellow
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers