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Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea

Zanta Hofmeyr


Medium tall hybrid tea with firm petalled, elegant porcelain pink, shapely blooms which change to a deeper pink towards the centre.

The rose is prolific & its dark green foliage is disease resistant. A good picking rose.

Zanta Hofmeyer is a celebrated South African violinist.
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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Pink , Soft pink
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers

Hybrid Tea

Zulu Royal


The buds are pointed & open into large blooms of symmetrical, exhibition shape. The colour is a blend of deep mauve with silver-lilac. The bush is vigorous & provides a constant supply of pickable flowering stems.

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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Lilac , Mauve , Silver
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers