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Colourscape Roses


Adele Searll


This compact bush carries large clusters of heavy blooms resembling those of the Centifolias of yester-year – with an amazing petal count of 100!

The apricot-pink blooms are sweetly scented and add to the charm of this rose commemorating Adele Searll for her charity work and fight against the abuse of drugs and narcotics. Its compact, spreading growth makes it an ideal choice for planting as a border, in small or large groups and will excel in tubs.

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Plant Height: Knee Height
Colours: Apricot , Pink , Soft pink
Uses: Cut-flowers


Parents and family thought to remember a young man who tragically lost his life by having a rose named in his honour. ‘Andrew’s Comfort’ excels in vigour, hardiness and an abundance of flowers. One could think of this rose as a large miniature.

The plant grows with ease into a neat, densely branched shrublet of about 70 cm in height. Every branch, shoot and twig carries a shapely, fragrant bloom of a pleasing light yellow.

Think of that special spot in your garden and plant at least one of these carefree roses. It will excel in a pot or attractive container.
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Plant Height: Hip Height
Colours: Light yellow
Uses: Cut-flowers


It grows between knee and hip height with dense branches of spreading, flowering stems carrying clusters of slender pointed apricot buds opening into semi-double cream blooms. Glossy, extremely healthy foliage.

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Plant Height: Hip Height
Colours: Apricot


Baby Love


A yellow rose which is absolutely healthy & grows to a respectable height of 1.1m & app. 1m wide. ‘Baby Love’ is covered with medium sized, open flowers of a virtually unfading yellow on a backdrop of deep green, glossy, medium sized foliage.

Plant it on its own, as a hedge or in a group. It will dazzle in a large pot.

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Plant Height: Hip Height
Colours: Yellow
Uses: Bedding


Tumbles down slopes in a striking mass of energetic colour.  Prostrate basal stems fan out to cover every inch of the  ground. Blooms age without discolouration.

Should new basal  stems find their way through the dense lower growth to reach  the light, they grow straight upwards. As soons as space  allows, the shoots revert to their distinctive prostrate growth.
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Plant Height: Ankle Height
Colours: Bright pink , Petunia pink , Pink


This versatile shrub rose was bred by Harkness and introduced in the UK in 1987. It is such a special rose, that we have chosen to re-introduce it. The blooms are of an intriguing blend of mauve, maroon, purple and burgundy colour. The leaves have a good resistance to black spot and it is most certainly an eco-chic rose. It has a wide arching growth habit and is therefore perfectly suited for planting on slopes. It can be espaliered onto a fence or low poles and be planted as a feature on its own.

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Plant Height: Hip Height
Colours: Burgundy , Mauve , Purple
Uses: Exhibition Cluster, Trellis


‘Crystal Fairy’ is a modern clone in white with just a slight touch of pink on the tiny, globular buds. Read more at ‘Fairy King’ and ‘Fairy Queen’.

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Colours: Pale pink , White
Uses: Cut-flowers, Exhibition Cluster


Dawn Sunsation


Seductively dressed in pink with a yellow base, these roses,  with their loosely knit petals, lightly adorn a vigorous  groundcover. Gaily cascading down slopes or placed in a tub,  these shrublets are fun to befriend.

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Plant Height: Knee Height
Colours: Bright pink , Pink
Uses: Groundcover


Long, pointed buds open to large, fragrant blooms with  several layers of neatly arranged petals. The colour is deep cream brushed with faint pink which eventually fades to white.

The growth habit is neat, compact & prostrate with an arching effect if planted at the edge of a wall, in a pot or hanging basket. Superb on a standard stem.
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Plant Height: Ankle Height
Colours: Cream , Pale pink


Deloitte & Touche


This tough rose has a spreading growth habit forming a dense shrublet. It produces charming semi-double flowers of a  striking blend of peach & apricot with tones of bright orange.

It flowers most generously. This rose is superb when grown in pots, as low hedges, covering large beds, slopes & particularly when grown on a standard.

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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Apricot , Bright orange , Peach , Peach orange