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Hybrid Tea

7de Laan


This is a tall growing hybrid tea, bearing soft coffee coloured blooms on long stems. Healthy foliage and strong grower. Colourful display almost all year round.

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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Brown , Soft pink
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers

David Austin English Roses

Abraham Darby

AUScot (N)

The symmetrically quartered, fully double blooms are of a pleasing buff colour which intensifies into an apricot-orange shade as it unfolds in the sun.

Stems garlanded with glossy foliage sprout all over the bush, each bearing one or even three of these highly perfumed blooms.

If left to grow without cutting back the stems carrying spent blooms, it will grow into a very sizable specimen and could even be trained on a pillar or pergola.

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Plant Height: Above Head Height
Colours: Apricot , Orange
Uses: Cut-flowers, Pillar, Trellis

Antico Moderno

With hundreds of other roses surrounding it in our test plot the air is saturated with rose scent & the nose does not smell it anymore. However, the distinctive sweet aromatic scent of this new rose drifts in the air. Strong upright bush producing deep open cup shaped blooms in loose clusters as well as individually to a stem. The petals are amazingly firm. Lasts well in vase when cut at the half open to open stage.

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Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Cream
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers


Adele Searll


This compact bush carries large clusters of heavy blooms resembling those of the Centifolias of yester-year – with an amazing petal count of 100!

The apricot-pink blooms are sweetly scented and add to the charm of this rose commemorating Adele Searll for her charity work and fight against the abuse of drugs and narcotics. Its compact, spreading growth makes it an ideal choice for planting as a border, in small or large groups and will excel in tubs.


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Plant Height: Knee Height
Colours: Apricot , Pink , Soft pink
Uses: Cut-flowers



KORkaans (P)

‘n Nuwe roos wat nie misgekyk kan word waar dit groei nie. Die kombinasie van ‘n inherente sterk krag, glans groen, siektebestande blare, en goed gevormde, kleinerige knoppe wat oopmaak met sterk blare in langdurige blomme vertoon ‘n lewendige mengsel van helder oranje op ‘n goue basis, maak dit ‘n moet vir enige tuin . Die ‘Afrikaans’ roos is ‘n ideale spesie met dimensies 2m hoog en wyd wanneer groei ongekontroleerd is. Dit sal presteer as massa beddings, digte blom- heinings op heinings en mure, of vrystaande grense; kan ook in groot potte groei. Dit reageer goed op vorm snoei in die somer en behoorlike winter snoei.

Plant Height: Above Head Height
Colours: Golden , Orange
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers

Hybrid Tea

Alan Knott-Craig


Alan Knott-Craig has been responsible for creating a rose paradise at the Vodaworld campus in Midrand.

This hybrid tea rose, named after him, is a powerful performer, growing 2m high with pickable, warm orange blooms. The half open blooms have a good exhibition shape & long vase life.


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Plant Height: Above Head Height
Colours: Orange
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers, Exhibition

Hybrid Tea

Alan Tew


Alan Tew as chairman of the Knysna Rose Society has done much to make rose growing in that region popular.

This rose has super glossy, healthy foliage & produces large, shapely & fragrant blooms in abundance.

The basic colour is deep salmon.


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Plant Height: Hip Height
Colours: Salmon
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers, Exhibition


Albertina Sisulu


She is a powerful & vigorous rose. Shapely, fully symmetrical blooms unfold from a tight bud to a large open bloom.

Distinct rose fragrance; sprouts superb new shoots from the base – approx. 1.5m high before developing candelabra of pickable blooms; enormous canes arch gracefully with the weight of many blooms. Thrives with low maintenance.


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Plant Height: Above 2m Height
Colours: Lemon , Light yellow , Yellow
Uses: Cut-flowers, Pillar, Trellis


(Wichuriana) Rambler, large copper-vermilion blooms, “weeps” out of trees.

Will flower in Spring only, even so it is incredibly profuse.

Colours: Vermillion , Copper


Large, quartered, rosette bloom.

Yellow orange shading.

Plant Height: Above 3m Height
Colours: Orange , Yellow
Uses: Climbing 3m