by Ludwig Taschner Just like playing cricket, rugby, soccer, golf and tennis and taking cats, dogs, rabbits and doves to be judged in shows was developed in Great Britain so was the exhibiting of roses.  Playing soccer, golf and tennis were adopted in most countries of the world, whereas cricket, rugby, cat, dog and rose […]

Cutting blooms for the vase

Ensuring a supply of rose blooms for home decoration is often a major incentive to gardeners to plant roses. Any of the various groups of roses can supply cut flowers, but the queen of cut flowers is the Hybrid Tea, which guarantees classically shaped blooms on long-stems. It is important not to cut too many […]

Thoughts on Scented Roses

Colour and fragrance in flowers originally served to tempt insect life – and so ensured the survival of the species. But the siren song of the rose has, over the aeons, captured a far wider audience. In a fitting tribute to the species, the image of a fragrant, red rose has become the universal symbol […]

Thoughts on colour

The full colour spectrum is found in sunlight – ranging from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo, through to violet. These spectral colours run into each other, creating an infinitely vast and varied range of tints. The colour of blooms and foliage depends on the three main pigments found in each plant cell. Chloroplast […]

Cut flowers, colour and fragrance

As cut flowers: The image of a huge bowl of roses inspires many people to plant roses in their garden. Hybrid Tea roses, which usually produce a profusion of flowering stems, with one bud per stem, are by far the most popular. Other varieties that also provide an array of good cut flowers are Floribundas, […]