Introduction Ludwig’s Roses on: Rust is a disease caused by the parasitic fungus Phragmidium tuberculatumand and some other closely related species. It is specific to roses, and appears in spring and persists until the leaves fall. Susceptibility to rust varies widely among rose cultivars, and most modern roses are resistant to rust. Rose rust is the […]

Proverbs & sayings

Walter de la Mare Oh niemand weiss, Durch welche wilden Zeite Die Rose wanderte Dorothy Parker Final Thought: Have you ever wondered. “Why is it no one ever sent me yet one perfect limousine, do you suppose? Ah no, its always just my luck to get just one perfect rose”. Anonymous The rose speaks of […]

Companion plants

Companion plants are grown for various reasons – they can provide year-round interest in their own right, flower at the same time as the roses, or fill in-between rose flushes. These plants need to be well behaved, have a non-invasive root system, and not ‘flop’ on their neighbours.          Sage, lavender, scented […]

Roses in pots

        Any rose can be grown successfully in a container. It all has to do with water holding capacity. Since it is difficult and unpractical to grow a large climber in a 5 litre pot where it would need to be watered and fertilized about 10 times a day it is best […]