Conditions that suit roses

Temperature Roses can withstand a wide range of temperatures. In general, hot, dry conditions are preferable to humid conditions. Roses adopt winter dormancy when temperatures fall below zero at night and less than 10°C in the day. With minimum night temperatures of 10°C and correspondingly warmer temperatures of 18°C to 25°C during the day, roses […]

Growing roses in containers

Size: Select a size of container that matches the anticipated size of the rose one wishes to grow – water-holding capacity is central to success. In principle, a pot that holds 10 litres of water would suffice for a Miniature rose; a Bush Rose needs a water-holding capacity of at least 20 litres; and a […]

Soil Sickness

After 50 years of scientific research one is not nearer the actual cause of soil sickness. The latest research with the aid of very scientific equipment and DNA analysis of bacteria and fungi has eliminated them as a possible cause. One knows that sterilisation of the soil by steam or using chemical fumigants such as […]

Transplanting roses

Watch this video to see how it is done. When planning to transplant roses, it is always best to prepare the new location first – follow the above procedure to prepare the bed. The same method applies when preparing individual holes, which should be at least 60 cm wide. The rose bushes to be moved […]

Planting Procedure

Drench the prepared bed with water. After a few days, it will be ready for planting. If it does not drain away the area is not suitable to plant a rose. For each plant, slit and remove the polythene plant bag. Check the condition of the roots, if they appear to be tight on the […]

Soil Preparation

Best conditions for root development is in deeply aerated soil. With complimentary additives virtually any soil can be improved. Planting roses in individual holes restricts root development; comparable to growing in pots. Only for roses to be grown as specimen bushes, shrubs or climbers are individual holes (1m wide x 60cm deep)to be dug. For […]