Wilt or thorn beetle

The capsized stems are tyopical of wilt or thorn beetle damage. The Wilt or Thorn beetle is able to cause considerable damage to the soft shoots of a rose bush. Fortunately they are a very uncommon pest in gardens and it it not often that one finds them a problem. Most Insecticides get rid of them.

White fly

Severe white fly damage to rose leaves. When: White fly infestations can occur from summer to autumn, but they are uncommon to settle on roses. Where: country wide Remedy: Apply Koinor as a drench. Watch this video on how to apply Koinor. Spray with Plant Care. The rape oil contained in Ludwig’s Insect Spray which is the main […]


Thrips are a type of invisible plague to roses and many other ornamental and even fruit and vegetable plants! They can be tough customers to get rid of once they have invaded your roses – but with the right advice and by spraying with effective insecticides it can be done.   Visible damage to the the […]