Termites can attack a rose bush and ring bark it. The bark is eaten close to where the main stem comes out of the ground. When: Prevalent in drier periods, but can occur any time of the year. Where: common in coastal KZN and Midrand, Gauteng. Remedy: apply Karbadust or Blue Death powder at bottom of holes prior […]

rose borer wasp damage

If you notice holes that have been made into your rose stems, then you can be sure that the rose stem borer has been visiting.   When:   Prevalent after pruning, but can occur any time of the year   Remedy:   Seal stems with Steriseal, PVA paint or mud after cutting   Frequency:   […]

Rose chafer beetle (eats blooms)

The Rose chafer beetle, fruit chafer beetle or African fruit beetle just loves devouring rose buds. They have their preference and we wish we knew exactly what attracted them to a specific variety in a field of a thousand. When:   Summer   Remedy:   Spray with Plant Care on entire plant & directly onto […]

Chafer beetles

If your rose bush looks anything like this, then Chafer beetles have been eating away at your leaves during the night. That is why one doesn’t necessarily see the beetles causing the damage.     When:     Summer     Remedy:     Spray with Plant Care on entire plant & on soil around […]


Caterpillars that chew holes and tunnels through your rose blooms are referred to as bollworms. A female moth lays her eggs onto the usually still closed bud. When the caterpillars hatch from their eggs they start feeding on the blooms. As they feed they grow and go through various instars before they eventually pupate in […]