Finger Pruning

Although finger pruning it is not a MUST it has so many benefits for Hybrid Tea bushes! It should be carried out on HT’s in mid to end September in accordance to climate and sprouting advancement. Ideally just before flower bud formation which can be felt in the tip of the new shoots. When the […]

Winter Pruning Aftercare

Aftercare Winter pruning stimulates root activity and sprouting of dormant eyes. The speed of development is partially dependent on temperature, but also on the water and nutrients available. It is obvious that watering and feeding should commence fairly soon after pruning has been completed. Water the bed or soil around the rose bushes thoroughly, especially […]

Spanish Garden Design

For Ludwig’s Roses by Emma Brown Beautiful pines, graceful ferns, and sun-soaked piazzas make the Spanish garden one of the most serene and blissful, crafted to make the most of the generous sun but with graceful interludes of shade. A delicate blend of open spaces, cool sanctuaries and artfully balanced detail and simplicity, it’s one of […]

Winter Pruning

Roses rejuvenate themselves by producing new stems from the base on a regular basis. Left unpruned, roses eventually carry out their own pruning by not nourishing the thinner inside growth, which slowly dries out completely and dies. In this case, new basal stems either push their way through the dead growth to flower higher up […]