Black Spot

Introduction Black spot  is one of the most common and important diseases of roses throughout the world.It is caused by the fungus Diplocarpon rosae. Black spot will cause a general weakening of the plant so that progressively fewer and fewer blooms are formed if the disease is left unchecked due to loss of foliage. Plants […]

Pests & Diseases

See the different types of pests & diseases on roses and the control of them here. Fungal Diseases Black Spot Botrytis Downy Mildew Powdery Mildew Rust Harmful Insects, Beetles & Mites Aphids & greenfly Bollworm Chafer beetles (lace leaves at night) Rose chafer beetles (devour blooms) Mealybug Pernicious scale Red spider Rose borer wasps Termites […]


Regular fertilising roses during the growing season is essential, and plants react promptly to additional nutrition. However, fertilizer is not the solution to all ills – and two handfuls of fertiliser are not invariably better than one. Roses are often burned by having too much fertilizer placed in a heap next to the main stem […]


Adequate watering roses, ideally in combination with fertiliser, is important in determining the quality and extent of new growth. The quantity and intervals of watering depend not only on rainfall and on the soil type and thickness of the mulch, but also on temperature. Watering schedule Irrigate thoroughly once a week in moderate weather. Every […]