Cutting blooms for the vase

Ensuring a supply of rose blooms for home decoration is often a major incentive to gardeners to plant roses. Any of the various groups of roses can supply cut flowers, but the queen of cut flowers is the Hybrid Tea, which guarantees classically shaped blooms on long-stems. It is important not to cut too many […]

Climbing Roses

The Climbers:  They produce long climbing shoots and must be supported and tied to a fence, wall or pergola. To achieve the best display, the annual shoots must never be pruned or shortened, but, if possible, tied in a horizontal line. At pruning time it is advisable to remove some of the older branches from […]

Companion plants

Companion plants are grown for various reasons – they can provide year-round interest in their own right, flower at the same time as the roses, or fill in-between rose flushes. These plants need to be well behaved, have a non-invasive root system, and not ‘flop’ on their neighbours.          Sage, lavender, scented […]

Roses in pots

        Any rose can be grown successfully in a container. It all has to do with water holding capacity. Since it is difficult and unpractical to grow a large climber in a 5 litre pot where it would need to be watered and fertilized about 10 times a day it is best […]